What is Dandruff and How it's affecting your scalp health and your confidence

Dandruff is a concern for many people: a flaky, itching scalp that affects up to half the world’s population post-puberty. Ranging from mild to severe, the condition has a higher prevalence in men due to factors that include testosterone metabolism, a trigger of sebum production.

Symptoms can be aggravated by humidity, scratching and emotional stress.

Recent research revealed how deeply the condition affects our self-esteem. When interviewed, men with dandruff complained of scalp dermatitis, but in self-evaluations did not recognize that dandruff affected their esteem or confidence.

However, this condition impacts on their behavior deeply. In contrast to self-evaluation, naïve participants looking at a muted video perceived men with dandruff to have lower confidence compared with men with a healthy scalp.

Therefore, it is important to address the causes of dandruff effectively.

Dandruff pathophysiology is not completely understood. The etiology is multifactorial, influenced by commensal yeast, Malassezia, sebum production and individual susceptibility.

Malassezia is a strong contributory factor to dandruff formation, but its presence on healthy scalps indicates that alone it is not a cause. A healthy stratum corneum forms a protective barrier to maintain hydration of the scalp and protect against external insults.

Participants perceived men with dandruff to have lower confidence

Addressing the health of scalp skin is important. Chronic barrier damage can impair hydration, leading to atypical epidermal metabolism, which may underlie some dandruff symptoms.

The research suggests that bacterial commensals may maintain the scalp’s nutrient homoeostasis, in a similar way to the gut microbiome.

And it’s not only the shampoos we use, but the way we wash our hair that can contribute. Shower hoses may harbor bacteria and fungi in the form of biofilms including Malassezia, so regular use of disinfectants or replacement hoses could be beneficial.

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