Introducing the GOOD AF Podcast

Good Guys, Good Vibes, Good Times.

Good AF, Good Guy’s inaugural podcast, premiers today on simplecast. Hosted by Matthew Nadu, the show features a different good guy each episode. The first three episodes of season one are available now, with a new episode releasing every Monday through July.

Good AF celebrates and highlights men from different walks of life including entertainers, athletes, humanitarians, environmentalists, social justice advocates, artists, and more. The show is inspirational and authentic with a healthy dose of humor with guests sharing both uplifting and entertaining anecdotes that dive deep into what it means to be a man today.

The first three episodes, available now, feature conversations with Paul de Gelder, an adventurer, shark attack survivor and host of shark week host, Dan Doty, Founder of Evryman, Coach and Mentor, and Terrence Cunningham, Musician featured on The Voice.

A recurring theme of the show is the topic of confidence: was there a time that these inspiring men had to grapple with a lack of confidence and ultimately, how did they overcome their personal challenges.

Matthew Nadu, former NBC sports columnist, content creator, influencer and adventure, sets the tone of the first season with his own counter culture backstory. Journeying west from Philadelphia to his new home on a 34’ sailboat in Los Angeles, Nadu has been set on forging his own path for a while. A lifelong explorer, his resume boasts flying in engine-less planes, scaling the granite face of Yosemite's Half-Dome and spearfishing in SoCal’s dark clouded waters. He’s surfed the waves of Costa Rica, island hopped in the Philippines, ate fish heads in Japan, cenote diving in Mexico, and backpacked across the southern coast of Iceland. He’s made it his mission to explore and share those experiences with the world as a content creator.

As a proponent of a healthy lifestyle, he’s constantly challenging himself to not only develop physical strength but mental and emotional as well. Through work with Evryman and their various wilderness adventures, he finds himself constantly reconnecting with nature and what it means to be a man. Balancing his adventurous lifestyle all the while creating envy for his well-groomed beard.

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