Minoxidil: How Does Minoxidil Work and Should You Use It for Hair Growth


Does Minoxidil help hair grow? The short answer to this question is yes, but here’s what you need to know about minoxidil and whether or not you should use it.

How Does Minoxidil Work?

We lose an average of 50 to 100 strands of hair each day as a normal part of the hair growth cycle. For most men, this amount of hair shed is not a problem. Unfortunately, when this total exceeds 150 hairs a day with no replacement, it can lead to thinning hair patches or balding.

Men will typically notice hair loss happening in specific areas such as the top of the scalp, crown and hairline.

Many men who suffer from androgenetic alopecia turn to minoxidil (Rogaine) for help.

Minoxidil works by improving blood flow to the area in which it’s applied. Apply it to your scalp and it can potentially improve the supply of blood and nutrients to hair follicles, improving hair density and increasing the rate of growth.The hair follicles in your hairline aren’t significantly different from the others on your scalp or crown, meaning that you should still experience the benefits of minoxidil when you apply it to your hairline.

Who Should Use Minoxidil?

In men with male pattern baldness, hair follicles become miniaturized and the hair starts becoming more fine and delicate. It happens sometime after puberty and is associated with androgens, male sex hormones. (That’s why it’s called androgenetic alopecia). Eventually, the hairline recedes and hair around the crown of the head thins.

Minoxidil may be a good choice for hair loss treatment if you’ve just started losing your hair. It’s effective, especially for young men. When you start minoxidil early, especially if you’re a man in his twenties who has thinning hair and a father and uncle with male pattern baldness, you have the best chances of responding to minoxidil.

How Long Does It Take to See Results with Minoxidil?

Minoxidil results are not immediate. Despite daily applications, it can take up to six months before you can see any visible results.

As you can see, there are multiple pros for using minoxidil for hair loss in men. However, there are a few cons worth noting. The frequency of use requires a real commitment and if you stop, hair loss will continue. Stop using the medication and your hair will begin to thin again.

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