The Best Hair Loss Treatments That Come in the Mail

The decision to start using a hair loss treatment is a big one. If given the choice, we all want to keep our hair. Bald heads look great and all, but it’s safe to assume we’d all rather opt into baldness than be cornered into one hair style (or lack thereof) for the rest of our days.

Not to mention how nice it would be to opt out of receding hairlines, general thinning, and patchy crowns. Thankfully, opting out of all of that is becoming easier, and more affordable, thanks to generic drug offerings. Secondly, it’s becoming easier to actually obtain these drugs, too, thanks to, yes, the interwebs. Companies are connecting customers directly with doctors, cutting out the in-office appointments, pharmacy commute, and days of waiting for your appointment. Now you can simply order everything online, get consult on your particular case, and receive your hair-loss pills and potions in the mail.

The pills are finasteride (AKA Propecia), and they fight the hormone byproducts (DHT) that lead to hair loss. The potion is minoxidil, usually 5%, and it increases blood flow and nutrient delivery to the hairs, so that it strengthens and fortifies them and prevents them from falling out. Both can restore existing, dormant follicles as well as prevent or slow future loss. Combined, they are doubly potent. (Also, as an FYI, Minoxidil 5% is highly effective and isn’t considered prescription strength, so you can get it without an Rx.

And don’t expect an overnight miracle: You can only regrow and strengthen the follicles you still have. This means that if you lost any hair in the past couple years, it’s likely you can restore some of it. But if it’s been long gone or never existed in the first place, well, that follicle is probably dried up and gone for good.

Get ahead of hair loss now, even if you don’t notice its onset (cough, blissfully naive 25-year olds, cough), and you’ll be eternally grateful to your present self, as well as the below brands.

source: [GQ]

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