Why Your Haircare Routine Needs Biotin

We always hear about Biotin preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth, but what is Biotin and how does it work to promote hair growth? Let’s break it down. Biotin is a B vitamin that helps your body create energy from carbs and fats you consume. 

Biotin can be found in all kinds of foods, including fish, vegetables, soy beans, egg yolks, yeast, mushrooms, swiss chard, and a whole lot more! Although highly recommend to boost hair growth, it’s so commonly found in most foods that it’s pretty uncommon for people to have any sort of deficiency of it. 

In terms of health, adults needs about 30 micrograms of Biotin each day, however, if you’re not getting enough biotin, you will find yourself dealing with hair loss and breakage, dry skin and eye inflammation. 

Taking a vitamin supplement that contains an increased dose of Biotin will help prevent hair loss and promote hair growth, it works to help keep your hair healthy and strong. Biotin is an essential vitamin to have thicker hair and grow faster.

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