"Purpose Creates Confidence" interview with BC Serna

BC Serna

Traveler, Film Maker, Inspirational Speaker and Mentor

“Confidence, for me, always stems living in that place of, yeah, others and usefulness. Because I realized one day in my life, I was in a room, it’s a metaphor but it’s also kind of true... I’ll never be the best-looking person in the room, I’ll never be the richest person in the room, I’ll never be the most successful person in the room but I could be the most loving person in the room, I could really challenge myself to be like that.”

This week Matt sat down with probably the most unselfish millennial in America, BC Serna. BC has spent the past decade traveling to over 60 countries with countless non-profit organizations, helping share and tell their stories through film and awareness. Most importantly he has chosen to dedicate his life as a mentor to children and high school aged kids, showing them that they all have value and the world is there’s if their willing to take a leap of faith. Matt had fun with this one and honestly found himself wanting to sign up for one of BC’s mentorship programs real soon. As BC puts it, he’s just trying to celebrate the good.

IG: @bc_serna@thetravelinggood, @pursuing_purpose_podcast
Website: http://www.bcserna.com/

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