"Bearded Since Birth" interview with Sevag Kazanci

Interview with Sevag Kazanci

Co-Founder of Parks Project

“It was this reality that man, this is a hustle, you just don’t show up with a phenomenal idea and people buy into it…”

In this episode of GOOD AF, Matt heads to the Parks Project headquarters in Southern California with co-founder Sevag Kazanci. Sevag and Parks Project partner Keith Eshleman left their jobs at TOMs bringing with them the buy-one-give-one model idea in an effort to donate a portion of their sales to the National Parks. This interview covers everything from running a small clothing production out of his parent’s garage, to being at the social media forefront during the government shutdown demonstrating how to handle the lawlessness at the parks. Sevag (and his epic beard) talk about how he took his background as a skater and blended that SoCal edge with a vintage 80’s look to make his National Parks gear look super cool for the over 330 million visitors to our public lands each year.

IG @thefriendlybeard@parksproject
Website https://www.parksproject.us/

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