"It's That Simple" interview with JP Iberti

JP Iberti

Coffee Connoisseur / Co-Founder of La Colombe Coffee

“This guy put seven, Seven! Sweet & Lows in a super short espresso. I mean it’s like listen- don’t. Don’t. Don’t drink anything then. It’s better. Just leave it alone. And I’m like dude, tasting’s over… and I took the coffee and it was over and we didn’t serve him coffee. It was just too much.”

Matthew: My grandmother once said, "the best part of waking up is Maxwell in your cup." Not quite but I knew where she was going. America is addicted to coffee. I’ll be the first to admit it - but before there were all the corner shops most people settled for a classic diner-style cup of Joe.

In this episode, Matt visits his hometown of Philadelphia to talk shop with JP Iberti of La Colombe Coffee and the brains behind the draft lattes you see in nearly every store. The former pilot turned roaster has flipped the coffee world upside down focusing on fair trade coffees and sustainability, a practice he and fellow co-founder Todd Carmichael have utilized for almost two decades. Matt and JP talk about JP’s “Soup Nazi” moment, Starbucks moving across the street and how many espressos he actually drinks in a day.

IG: @jp_iberti, @lacolombecoffee

Website: https://www.lacolombe.com

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