"Fear Diminishes with Knowledge" interview with Mike Escamilla

Interview with Mike Escamilla

Pro-BMX Bike Rider, World Record Holder, Stuntman

“You start to understand it’s not about being good at anything, everyone’s always like ‘you’re really talented’ and I’m like ‘I’m not at all.’ Once you learn to get good at one thing, you can learn to get good at anything and apply that. That’s the key.”

In this episode of Good AF Matt heads to Los Angeles with a one-on-one with 2x World Record holder pro-BMXer, stuntman and TV host Mike “Rooftop” Escamilla. From jumping out of planes, doing backflips from roofs (nickname?) and going face-to-face with venomous snakes in remote areas of the globe, Mike has seen it all from fame to failure and back again. Time is no match for this wild man but his 5-year old daughter is perhaps his biggest adventure yet.

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