"Limitations are Self-Imposed" interview with Paul de Gelder

Interview with Paul de Gelder

Adventurer, Shark-attack survivor, Shark week Host

“For the first week, I still had a thought that maybe I’ll keep my leg and I was just goal oriented. I was like ok, I’m missing my hand, I processed that. There’s nothing I can do about that but if I keep my leg, maybe life can go on as normal."

In this episode of GOOD AF, Matt heads to the SoCal coast to dive deep with adventurer, veteran, TV host, author, and shark attack survivor Paul de Gelder. As if he’s come right out of a Hollywood action blockbuster, the Australian native went from a drug-fueled youth to Army Paratrooper and Navy Clearance Diver, to battling for survival during a bull shark attack in Sydney Harbor. Now he roams the world searching for adventure as an advocate for the very creatures that nearly took his life and he’s not afraid to spill some more blood along the way.


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